Spring is HERE in Tahoe!

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Real Estate

Exterior Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your house's yard and exterior will help you maintain the value of your property, prevent weather or pest damage, and avoid costly long term problems caused by general wear and tear.

Here's a quick checklist that will help you make sure all is well with your home:

~Check that all water drains away from the house and does not pool or collect on the property.
~Examine all fences and mend where necessary. Remember, loose nails or other hazards could cause injury.
~Check for signs of rodents, bats, termites or other pests.
~Drain outdoor faucets and hoses.
~Clean window wells; check drainage.
~Clean gutters and downspouts.
~Check roof shingles; Look in the attic for roof leaks.
~Look for peeling paint.

Regular home care is one of the best ways you can help maintain the value of your property. For more real estate advice and access to current market data for our area, you can visit my website or give me a call anytime to chat. Website